99 Cents Only Stores (California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada)

99 Cents Only Stores (California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada)

99 Cents Only Stores is a premier deep-discount retailer that primarily carries name-brand consumable and general merchandise.

We are an exciting shopping destination—often the first stop—for price-sensitive consumers, and a fun treasure-hunt shopping experience for other value conscious consumers.

Our stores are attractively merchandised, clean, full-service shopping destinations that offer customers significant value on a wide selection of quality products from everyday household items to fresh produce to an exciting assortment of seasonal and party merchandise including decorations, costumes and gifts. Merchandise encompasses name-brand closeouts and regularly available food and beverage products such as produce, deli, and other basic grocery items.

From the first store opening in 1982, 99 Cents Only Stores has expanded to more than 350 extreme value retail stores in California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

99 cents store variety

With more than 350 stores in four states and two distribution centers in California and Texas, 99 Cents Only Stores became the leading extreme value retail chain in the Western United States.

2012 marked a turning point for the Company when it celebrated its 30th anniversary and decided to go private by partnering with Ares Management and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board.  This partnership has been instrumental in the company’s continued expansion, both in the number of new stores and new markets.

99 cents from the beginning to now

It’s an exciting time at 99 Cents Only Stores. We’re opening new stores and arriving in new markets to ensure we provide our customers with the best values!

Corporate Philanthropy


99 Cents Only Stores is committed to the communities we serve, not only by offering name brand merchandise at low prices, but also by supporting various non-profit organizations that seek to improve the quality of life of our Customers and Team Members.

To maximize the impact of our charitable contributions, 99 Cents Only Stores corporate philanthropy program is currently focused upon programs whose purpose is to provide the basic necessities of life, promote environmental awareness, support health and well-being of our community in neighborhoods where the Company operates. Although 99 Cents Only Stores currently contributes to many non-profit organizations, we cannot accommodate all requests.


To be eligible to receive a contribution from 99 Cents Only Stores, the requesting organization must be designated a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Generally, the purpose of the organization, event or program must be to provide goods or services for persons in need, and the organization, event or program must benefit persons or communities served by 99 Cents Only Stores. Organizations requesting items or funds to be used as prizes for auctions or raffles will NOT be considered.


Due to the volume of requests  and sponsorships received, we are unable to respond personally to telephoned and faxed inquiries regarding the status of requests. TELEPHONED, EMAILED AND/OR FAXED REQUESTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

To submit a request for consideration, please mail your request on the organization’s letterhead. The letterhead should show the name, address and phone number of your organization.

Your request should clearly state the following details:

  • Your organizations contact information
  • Indicate the purpose of the request (What will it be used for?).
  • The 5W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for a response.

Mail to:
Corporate Philanthropy
99 Cents Only Stores
4000 Union Pacific Avenue
City of Commerce, CA 90023

Due to the volume of requests and sponsorships received, we are unable to respond personally to telephoned, faxed, mailed and emailed inquiries regarding the status of requests. We will ONLY respond to approved requests. If you have not been contacted within 6-8 weeks of your initial application date, then we were unable to fulfill your request. Thank you.


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