About Us


Reentry Times.com was a badly needed resource for ex-offenders seeking employment after their release.  Our goal is to become the nation’s centralized reentry resource for jobs, job fairs, federal bond program, and expungements, for private citizens and Veterans alike. Our newspaper is exclusively dedicated to the reentry community through articles, programs, and jobs.  Anyone is welcome to use our resources but the time had come for a dedicated newspaper.

We reach out to employers, churches, and other organizations that can assist this demographic in rebuilding their lives emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  Having personally witnessed friends and family travel the journey of incarceration it is hard on everyone involved.

It is our prayer that you share this publication with individuals in need of a second chance.  Please keep ReentryTimes.com in your prayers that we can make a significant impact to lower the rate of recidivism in our communities around the country.



Todd Dubose

ReentryTimes Newspaper