Dealing with Divorce in Prison

Having one spouse in prison can put pressure on a marriage. Studies highlight the risk of your marriage when having a spouse in prison. Going through a divorce while you are in prison puts you at a higher risk for mental health issues and depression. Dan Pearce Despite what some in society might lead you […]

How to File for Divorce If Your Husband Is in Jail

Incarceration can create a serious strain on any relationship or family. A woman whose husband is in jail may well wish to divorce so that she can move on with her life and possibly remarry. Many states have specific laws making it easier for a woman to divorce a husband who is in jail. Step […]

It’s Almost Impossible for Inmates to Get a Divorce

The average prisoner has neither the power to compel transportation to court nor the money to hire an attorney. But one Chicago court may have found a fix. CHICAGO—Testifying one recent Wednesday morning that her marriage was irretrievably broken, a young woman told the Cook County court she was waiving her option to collect spousal […]

How to Get a Divorce in North Carolina If You Were Married in Texas

BY BEVERLY BIRD North Carolina’s divorce laws are some of the most lenient in the country, and you can take advantage of them even if you were married in Texas. Typically, you must establish residency in a state before you can file for divorce there and this is true of North Carolina. Where you got […]

How to Fill Out Divorce Papers in California

BY BEVERLY BIRD Most states make it easy to complete divorce forms, and California is even more accommodating than most. The state’s website offers a form for a divorce petition that only requires you to fill in the blanks. However, it’s easy to become confused over just what you’re supposed to say in those blanks. […]

Divorcing a South Carolina Inmate

BY MARY JANE FREEMAN If your spouse is incarcerated in South Carolina, you still can get a divorce under most circumstances. Your divorce will not be much different than it would be from any other spouse. However, the court may take your spouse’s incarceration into account when resolving custody-related matters. If you claim separation as […]

Requirements for a Divorce in a Kentucky Prison

BY MARY JANE FREEMAN Filing for divorce in Kentucky is a relatively straightforward process, with the steps largely influenced by your individual circumstances. If your spouse is incarcerated, you may still file for divorce. However, the process may take a little longer due to the restrictions on your spouse’s movement. The divorce may also take […]

Divorcing a Convicted Felon

By Cindy Hill The felony conviction of a spouse can be disrupting and damaging to a marriage, especially if the convicted person also receives an extended prison sentence. The resulting separation, along financial and emotional strain, can lead to divorce even among previously happy couples. Many states have special divorce rules pertaining to incarcerated felons. […]