Inmate Death or Brain Injury

Although inmates and prisoners might not have the full rights they enjoyed outside of incarceration, all prisoners have rights that protect them from cruel punishment, allow access to medical care, and protection against other inmates. If you were injured while in jail and/or denied reasonable medical treatment following your serious injuries, you may have a […]

Can a person that was injured in jail claim personal injury? Legal answers Question My fiance is currently in jail in CA and had an accident where he slipped and fell down several flights of stairs. He was badly injured and taken to the emergency room, then later transferred to the jail’s medical ward. However, after just a few hours he was returned to general […]

What You Need to Know: Jail Neglect, Jail Abuse, and Deaths in Jail

If an individual is taken into police custody, the government (e.g., the police, prison/ jail staff, etc.) assumes responsibility for that individual’s health and safety to an extent that is reasonable. If an injury or death occurs as a result of neglect or abuse in a prison or jail, a number of individuals and entities, […]

Personal Injury Claim Recovery Lawyers

When bringing a personal injury claim, it can be extremely helpful to have an experienced attorney handle your case to ensure you are able to maximize the recovery available to you. Personal injury claims are very lengthy and complex. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney would be beneficial. A personal injury attorney has skills to […]

Can the Government be Held Liable for Personal Injuries to a Prison Inmate as a Result of Other Inmates?

Yes.  The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) allows federal prisoners to sue the government for personal injuries caused by fellow inmates.  Likewise, many state governments have adopted variations of the FTCA to allow state prisoners to sue for their personal injuries as well.  The FTCA’s bypass of government immunity allows courts to apply the reasonable care standard common in many personal injury claims. […]