Mauser Corporation, Houston, TX

MAUSER has long personified success in the global industrial packaging market.

Our company combines more than 120 years of packaging technology experience with a profound understanding of specific market requirements. In the course of our long history we have frequently initiated patents, inventions and innovations that came from our own research and development laboratories. Many of them have become standards in the industrial packaging field.

But that’s not all. MAUSER’s pioneering work in providing a full-cycle production/packaging/reuse/recycling service has maintained our position as a frontrunner in our industry. We never get tired of providing you with what you need.

Success after success has been our tradition.

Our customers benefit from all of our inventions and innovations.

MAUSER was founded in 1896 by Dr. Alfons Mauser in southern Germany’s Black Forest. Since then our history has shown an uninterrupted parade of innovations, patents and awards matched by continuing success in setting new industry standards.

The early years
  • 1896: Alfons Mauser, aged 25 at that time, founded the company in the Black Forest region in Southern Germany.
  • 1898: MAUSER relocated the business from the Black Forest to Cologne.
  • 1899: The production of iron baskets for glass carboys started.
Steel drum invention
  • 1903: The first metal drum was introduced, called the „ Aniline Drum”.
  • 1904: A liquid tight steel drum, the MAUSER Tight Head Drum, was another success story developed by Alfons Mauser.
  • 1917: The Maria-Mauser-Foundation was established to care for women and children in need.
  • 1921 to 1940: New factories opened in Germany, Brazil and Portugal.
  • 1927: Alfons Mauser died at the age of 55, and his sons continued the business.
Plastic packaging and growth
  • 1963: The first can, made entirely of plastic material, was launched and won a medal in the first German packaging award.
  • 1967: The first Open Head plastic drum was received by industrial customers with overwhelming positive feedback and won many awards.
  • 1970: MAUSER started to export in other European countries and overseas regions.
  • 1971: The first 55 U.S. gallon Tight Head plastic drum was introduced.
  • 1977: Introduction of the MAUSER L-Ring drum – using a single-piece blow molding process.
Innovation, IBC and centennial
  • 1984: The first 1,000 liter Multi-Trip Container was produced.
  • 1989: MAUSER introduced an award winning 55 U.S. gallon steel drum with optimum draining features and considerably reduced residues.
  • 1993: The MAUSER Repaltainer – a 1,000 liter Composite IBC was launched.
  • 1996: MAUSER celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company.
Sustainable growth
  • 2003: MAUSER was acquired by One Equity Partners.
  • 2003: Fanshun MAUSER – a joint venture for IBC was set up in China.
  • 2004: The National Container Group NCG, a specialist in reconditioning of industrial packaging, became a part of MAUSER.
  • 2004: MAUSER acquired Mamor – a specialist in IBC and plastic packaging production.
  • 2005: Russell-Stanley, a leading manufacturer of steel and plastic drums, became part of MAUSER.
  • 2006: Opening of green field start-ups in Singapore (metal drums) and in the United Kingdom (IBC and plastic drums).
  • 2007: MAUSER was acquired by Dubai International Capital.
  • 2008: STANTA MAUSER – a joint venture for steel drum production in Malaysia was set up.
  • 2009: MAUSER opened a green field steel drum plant in Ryazan, Russia.
  • 2009: MRi – MAUSER REYDE Iberica was founded as a joint venture for IBC in Spain.
The most comprehensive industrial packaging company
  • 2012: MAUSER opened a green field plant for IBC and plastic drum production in Poland.
  • 2012: MAUSER opened a green field plant for IBC, steel and plastic drums production in China.
  • 2014: MAUSER launched the new SM13 composite pallet for IBC.
  • 2014: MIM – a joint venture for IBC was set up in Mexico.
  • 2014: MAUSER introduced the InfinityTM Plastic Drum Series made of 100% recycled plastic resin and received the PackTheFuture Award.
  • 2014: MAUSER is under new ownership by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.
  • 2015: MAUSER acquired IBC North America.
  • 2015: MAUSER added the 3rd IBC site to the Fanshun MAUSER JV for IBCs in Guangzhou, China.
  • 2016: MAUSER acquired Berenfield Containers in the United States.
  • 2016: MAUSER/NCG acquired ERC, LLC in the United States.
  • 2016: MAUSER acquired Daniels Healthcare in the United Kingdom.
  • 2016: MAUSER/NCG acquired Advantage IBC and Total Contaienr Group in the United States.
  • 2017: MAUSER under new ownership by Stone Canyon Industries (SCI)
  • 2017: MAUSER/NCG acquired Recycle Inc. East in the United States
  • 2017: TIME MAUSER opened second JV in Jambusar, India
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