Richmond County making criminal expungement process easier

Richmond County’s first Record Restriction Summit will happen on October 20th. If you qualify, you can have your criminal record restricted. Fill out the application linked below to find out ahead of time if you qualify.

CLICK HERE for the online application to see if you qualify to have your record restricted.

If you have a criminal record, you may qualify to have it expunged. Normally, it is a complicated process. Right now, Richmond County leaders are trying to help make it easier.

On Monday, July 9th at the Richmond County Public Library, State Senator Harold Jones hosted an informational meeting about Augusta-Richmond County’s First Record Restriction Summit. Senator Jones along with the State Court Solicitor, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, Public Defender, Commissioners and others explained how they are trying to make the process fast and free.

“I think it’s a great program and I hope it helps!” said Shaun Harris after the presentation ended. She was one of about 300 people who came to the library to hear about record restriction day. This program will allow some of you to restrict your criminal record, which would hide your previous arrests from a potential employer for example.

“I do not have a record,” Harris says, “but I do understand that it’s difficult. The job market is difficult with or without a record. Sometimes the laws do make it difficult for people to rebuild.”

Senator Jones says this rebuilding opportunity takes judges, law enforcement, commissioners, public attorneys, and more entities. He says they had to be willing to put in extra time and cover the cost.

“If we had one missing this could not work the way it was supposed to work,” says Senator Jones. “Everybody decided immediately to do this.”

There were some misconceptions. Some people thought they could simply show up to the library Monday afternoon and get everything completed then and there. However, that was not the case. Monday’s meeting was simply to educate the public ahead of time.

The official restriction day is Saturday October 20th.

Starting Monday, July 9th, Richmond County is accepting applications so you can see ahead of time if you qualify based on the law. Sheriff Richard Roundtree encourages you to call them and ask questions now so you know what to expect come October.

“Some people are not going to qualify,” the Sheriff said to clarify. “We will be able to explain to you, if you give us your situation, we will tell you normally does this qualify.”

You can call the Sheriff’s Office at (706) 821-1084 OR (706) 312-5105. You can also email at AUGUSTASUMMIT2018@AUGUSTAGA.GOV.

State Solicitor Omeeka Loggins encourages anyone to apply!

“If you even think that you qualify—go ahead and fill out the application because it’s free so it’s not going to hurt you any,” Loggins explains.

Shaun Harris is excited for how this plan will help the community. She also wants to see more changes to the law in the future.

“The person that someone was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 20 years ago, is not the person that they are today,” Harris says. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

You have to fill out the application online. You can CLICK HERE to fill it out.

For more information CLICK HERE.

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